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Custom plushies

Avanii will occasionally make custom plushies based on pets, original characters, and favourite animals. Prices start at €100 for the smallest and simplest, and may go up to €1.000 depending on complexity, type of materials, and size.

When requesting a price quote for a custom plush, please include the following information:

  • Reference material. Preferably several pictures.
  • Size of the plush, measured nose to bum.
  • Preferred material (minky, faux fur, a mix).
  • Realistic or cartoony style.
  • Preferred pose, or a reference to earlier plush.
  • Timeframe or deadline if applicable.
  • Country of destination.

Custom plush may take up to 6 weeks to complete, so please order well in advance if you have a deadline. Avanii reserves the right to decline any commission requests. Refunds are not possible once work on a plush has started. Payment plans are available for plush over €200.