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Japanese Marten - Large handmade plush animal - realistic faux fur

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This floppy Japanese marten is handmade of very soft faux furs. Extra care has been taken to paint the details on the face, ears, throat and toes with waterproof inks. True to real martens, this plush has 5 toes on all feet. The marten has brown plastic safety eyes, a velvet nose, and a carefully trimmed face, paws and ears. Its belly contains a fabric bag with plastic pellets to make the plush floppier and heavier. This Japanese marten is one of a kind and will not be replicated!

From nose to bum the marten measures 40 cm (15.8 inch) with a total length of 64 cm (25.2 inch) to the tip of the tail. It is the size of a cat and very cuddly! I based the design off the beautiful yellow winter coat of Martes melampus.