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Wood Charm Magical Animals keychain Set - Lion - Badger - Eagle - Adder Snake

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Choose the whole setl! These four beasts represent the 4 magical houses in my childhood favourite book series. Choose between the daring lion, the kind badger, the wise eagle, or the cunning snake. Each have been coupled with their respective gemstones: the ruby, yellow diamond, sapphire, and emerald respectively. The bold colours of my original digital painting have been beautifully printed onto 3 mm thick plywood. The art itself is printed matte, but has several areas with spot gloss to make it pop. It is a lot of fun to hold the charm and move it to see the gloss reflect the light and make specific parts of the design shine. It is nearly impossible to catch on camera sadly! The backside of the charm shows the natural wood and looks different on each charm. The texture of the wood also shines through on the print. It's a lovely accessory to hang on your keys, bag, pencil case, DS, or wherever else you may like. These single sided wooden charms measures 3,8 cm (1,5 inch) and feature my own art. You can choose this set of 4 animals, and then between 2 different attachments: a keyring or phone strap :) The charms may smell slightly of burned wood due to the laser cutting it has endured. The smell will disappear quickly once the charm is taken out of the bag.