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Buttercup the Dog - handmade plush animal - minky miniature

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This is Buttercup, a one of a kind handmade plush dog with clear blue glass eyes. She wears a sweet ribbon to compliment her blue eyes, which is removable. Her nose, mouth, and toes are embroidered on by hand. The tip of the tail, the corners of the eyes, and the pawpads have been detailed with Copic markers.

Buttercup measures 17 cm (6,7 inch) from head to bum. She is firmly stuffed and not meant to be used as a toy. This plush was made in 2014

The plush cannot be washed, if she gets dirty, please use a preferably dry, or else damp cloth to brush it off. Do not use detergents, and please be careful around alcohol, as contact with it can affect the painted details.